How to Design Your Restaurant Menu for Top Profit

Read this article and discover how to design your restaurant menu in order to achieve maximum profit! Get all important information here!

In order to compete with the successful restaurants in this industry, you need to ensure your menu is properly designed and optimized for top profits. Designing of a restaurant menu is the study of the popularity and profitability of the menu items and how these elements affect the placement of the items from the menu. Menu engineering or menu designing is as much as a marketing as it is a psychology.

If you want to design your menu so you can maximize your profit, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to present you 5 ways you can use to redesign your restaurant menu:

  • Visual Cues You need to highlight the most profitable items from your menu. You can do that by placing an image, right to the item. You need to keep in mind that diners scan, they don’t read. Highlighting your most profitable and specific dishes with images will draw diners’ attention and will visually connect them with their order.
  • Price Anchors Price anchoring is a term used for placing the highest prices item from your menu near standard options. Anchoring the prices will allow you to establish the value of the dishes you want to sell.
  • Less is More You need to keep in mind that the fewer options you have in your menu, the more opportunity you have to play with the prices. On the other hand, of you are offering a lot of options in your menu, it will be more difficult to use spacing, design, and visuals to conceive maximum profits.
  • Drop the Dollar Sign You will be surprised how much this can change things. Dinners usually connect the dollar sign with real money and everything seem more expensive to them at that moment. Drop the dollar sign and watch your profit grows.
  • Storytelling Yes, this is a very popular technique. You need to decorate in some way your dish descriptions. Make the ingredients in your menu to sound special, for example, the herbs are picked directly from the chef’s own backyard or the eggs are locally-raised. Write longer descriptions for your best and most profitable dished.

So, are you ready to customize and redesign your restaurant menu? Start today!

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